Personal Technology Consultant


with 25 years of IT experience

I spent 20+ years at the same company messing around with all their gadgets.  Now I want to mess around with your gadgets.  I’m friendly, easy to be around, and I won’t make you feel like you’re asking me dumb questions.  Like I always say, there are no dumb questions when you’re getting paid handsomely to answer them.   

Is your T.V. streaming choppier than a chef at a Hibachi grill?  Is there a black hole in your house where the Wi-Fi refuses to go? Are the pictures of other people’s kids and pets on Facebook not loading fast enough for you?  I’ll make sure you can stay up to date on your favorite show while you’re begrudgingly liking your co-worker’s pictures from their latest trip to Branson and hiding from your significant other under the basement stairs. 



It’s Iowa, which means it’s cold and windy here sometimes.  Let’s take a walk through your house and find out where all that cold air might be creeping in.  I’ll even stand there with you and look at that weird hot spot in the middle of your wall and wonder out loud “What is that thing in the wall, moving around?”  I probably won’t be able to help you with whatever that thing may be but I can recommend an exterminator and/or an exorcist.   


You’ve called your pre-teen grandkids a hundred times to get their help picking out a new smart phone.  What you don’t realize is that you can’t get ahold of your pre-teen grandkids unless you already have a smart phone.  It’s a vitious cycle.  Let’s break that cycle and get you texting and tweeting and posting and ghosting (that’s when you ignore your pre-teen grandkids’ messages asking for money). 

Home Automation/ Security/Theater

Let’s face it, it’s been a while since anyone has been in a theater and you’re tired of listening to your brother-in-law brag about that soundbar he got at a Black Friday sale two years ago.  He, and everyone else needs to be reminded what the home THEATER experience is supposed be about.    When the Stars Wars theme starts to play, you’ll want to stand like it’s the national anthem at a baseball game.  When the Death Star gets blown up, you should be involuntarily launched out of your seat with excitement and fear.  When Darth Vader speaks on screen, you want to feel it deep down in your soul. 


In the off chance that you actually sit down at a PC these days, give me a call if yours is giving you fits.  I’ll even give you a bit of free advice… Reboot.  If that doesn’t work, I’m here to help. 


Do you have an urge to see a 30 ft laser image of the MTV logo projected on the side of your house?  Would you like to etch an outline of the Starship Enterprise into that family heirloom piece of furniture?  Is it on your bucket list to master the laserharp?  I doubt it, but it all sounds kinda fun now, right?  Well, I’ve got some lasers and I’m not afraid to use them.  So let’s project a big message on the front of your house letting your neighbor know you how much you appreciate them wearing a face mask while they steal your Amazon packages.  Also, if you know anyone with some sharks I’d like to have a chat with them.